Reiki II Testimonials

Thank you so much Lisa. I feel very privileged to be under the guidance of you and the other Reiki Masters. I feel my vibration has lifted tenfold and my intuition has expanded and evolved.  Just the fine details have been so much help into my spiritual evolution.  I look forward to connection and understanding these blue beings as I feel I am somewhat connected to them.  Much Love!

Am stoked to be a Reiki Practitioner!!! YEEWWWW J

Noel H.

I loved Reiki I and didn’t think anything could to how I was feeling at the end of in … how wrong I was!

Reiki II blew my mind straight out of the stratosphere.

I learnt so much more about myself.

I am worthy of love and acceptance not only from others but also from myself.

Thank you Lisa for showing me the way to find myself.

See you at Masters J

Danielle P.

Thank you for your time and energy. You are amazing, teaching through sharing your experiences and creating a safe and supportive space to learn and experience Reiki.

Kathy W

Thank you, this weekend has given me a good clarification of an issue I’ve been struggling with. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks.

Sue W.

Had a fun couple of days learning Reiki II.  The attunements were amazing and the shift that has taken place in my being has been lovely.  Thank you very much and looking forward to working with you in the future.

Tyne H.

Just awesome, intuitive, as needed – messages to me and exercises that evolved on day just worked for me – like they were customised!?!?     Thank You!!

Fiona M.

Thank you Lisa, I love how you reflect to me so much of myself that it makes me feel so OK with being me.  I feel like it is ok however I get here, because I made it here in the end, and that’s what counts.  I feel like NOW is the life I have been working towards for so long and the reward that I have been trying so hard to earn.

Amy S.

Thank you for the humour.

Thank you for the higher intelligence shining through in today’s workshop.

Thank you for surrounding your students in light and love.

Thank you for pulling me back onto my path.

Light and Love.

Lisa C.


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