Reiki Testimonials

“The unconditional love and support that Lisa provides in this workshop truly allows for everyone to find their own intuitive journey to Reiki.  She’s undoubtedly a master at her art and her generosity and genuine desire to support every being is a beautiful bright light that has made my journey that much brighter”.

Tenille Bentley

“Learning Reiki II with Lisa Brandis was a gift.  She is a wealth of knowledge and delivers in absolute love for Reiki and her students.  She truly wants you to succeed with Reiki in whatever way that means to them.  I highly recommend you study “Intuitive” Reiki with Lisa, she is a true master”.

Marnie LeFevre

“I began this journey on Saturday morning with no expectation or real understanding of Reiki. Lisa… you have taught me and bestowed upon me a gift that I have no words for. This is a new beginning for me and I feel honoured and privileged. You lead us with love, joy, and passion. You are an inspiration and I thank you for all you have taught me, given me and see in me. I enjoyed every minute with all my new ‘friends’ and recommend this to anyone who needs to ‘find themselves’ and focus the energy that is available to us all! Love you, Lisa” .

Burnella Rowcroft

“Working with Lisa was one of the best experiences of my spiritual journey. She is not only a Reiki Master but also a very positive and knowledgeable person. Her courses are designed for people from any part of the world who are on their own journey. I would recommend this course to anyone who is seeking more out of their life. In simple words, worth every penny.”

Prashant Jaiswal

“A wonderful experience filled with loving kindness support and fun! Felt like home and like the most natural thing to be spending your weekend on! Thanks for the laughs, the warmth, and the lightness. With much appreciation and gratitude I say; Thank You!!!”

Pascale Le Meur

I loved it.  Not sure how you could improve it.  I had amazing experiences in the mediations and attunements. But also have gained the skills to create more of this through practicing Reiki. – Claire Hurst

I enjoyed the workshop and got more than I thought I would out of it.  It’s something that will not forget. – Megan Hough

I came into the workshop wanting to learn about Reiki but felt I left with so much more. I learned so much about myself and now feel confident and full of joy.  – Carmen Irvine

Thank you to Lisa and all the Master for an incredible weekend full of growth and beautiful energy!  I have learned so much about Reiki and discovered a new part of myself that I am so excited to develop further and share with others.  I can’t wait to continue my journey with all of the beautiful souls I have met. Thanks again!! – Sophie Tapscott

A great experience.  Loved the intuitive aspect of Reiki.  Can’t imagine Reiki without this. Lisa is a great teacher, very approachable and nurturing.  – Margarett Robson

The power and energy that manifested during these sessions were wonderful. Brought me to tears to feel the Reiki love well up inside me.  Very blessed weekend. – Leanne Ngoy

Enjoyed the workshop greatly.  I did not once feel uncomfortable o that I wasn’t where is was meant to be. Looking forward to. My next part of this journey. – Michelle Sear

“This experience has been significantly unique. Yes you learn new skills, which is amazing but you also get to delve into a hidden curriculum about spiritual life. The combination of both proves to me that we are forever on a spiritual journey, learning new things and meeting new people each time. Thank you so much for the experience. It is one I will cherish forever.  Scott

“Wow Lisa – It was Amazing!! Lisa is so ethical, caring, understanding and intuitive, and can put your mind at ease with any ‘performance’ issues you may have. A nurturing, welcoming and mind-blowingly, holistic experience. Lisa – love and light – you are amazing.”  Elaine

“The Reiki I Workshop was the most satisfying weekend I have spent in a very long time. Lisa is an exceptional person and an exceptional teacher. I felt totally at ease right from the start and have now made some wonderful new friends for life. I will be recommending a lot of people to do it. Thanks, Lisa for a truly enlightening weekend.”  Julie

“Thank u soooo much for a fantastic time and sharing your love and passion of Reiki, Lisa. Also thank u to my fellow Reiki group, u all will have a special place in my heart and making the weekend extra special. Fantastic feeling. Looking forward to our Reiki get together.” Debbie Wootton

“Thoroughly enjoyable workshop, a lot of fun, love, and laughter, certainly recommend for those on a healing journey to participate. The other participants – great group.”  Pania Harris

“Really loved your teaching style! Can’t wait to integrate this into my life! Thanks.”  Nathan Bertola

“It has opened up a whole new part of who I am as a person. I always knew it was there but with all life’s issues and stresses, I lost it. Reiki and the spiritual side to meditation and energy made me open up and let the real me fall back or become grounded again.”  Sarah Earl

“Reiki I was a wonderful experience of learning about myself and healing technique. I felt maybe at first that it may not be for me but as Lisa lead me on a discovery journey about Reiki and the power of universal light and healing I feel a bit more confident. I will be able to make use of this type of healing in my life assisting my other gifts for the benefit of others and myself. Thank you, Lisa it was fabulous.”  Jocelyn Miller

” Lisa’s style was warm, humour, understanding, supportive and fun. She is easy to listen to and learn from, truly an inspiration that will help me personally and those around me. Thank you.”  Mick Lydick

“Thanks Lisa, that’s brilliant. It was an absolutely fantastic weekend, the best thing I’ve done.”  Julie Sermon

“Great workshop, have been thinking of doing Reiki for + 10 years. Now I am looking forward to Reiki II and practicing on family and friends with a view to doing this as a business in the future. Feel that this is what I have been searching for. The group was great, and Lisa is a fabulous and inspiring Reiki Master and teacher.”  Julie Harding

“Wow! Life changing.”  Trish Ronald


“I just wanted to say thank you again for the best weekend. I had an awesome time-sharing Reiki with you and the whole group. Its great how you walk into that room not knowing anyone, but you walk out feeling like you have known them forever. I loved every second of it and didn’t want it to end.”  Sandy

“It was such an awesome experience to share with the group – coming to an environment where everyone has the same goal. Having Lisa’s bubbly personality brings you to an automatically higher place even before you begin – there’s no pressure or expectation, it just happens. Thank you for helping realise this gift I have and facilitating the meeting between me and my guide and opening my mind to having such loving and unconditional intent – Such an amazing gift you have.”  Lauren

“U might attend Lisa’s workshop to learn of Reiki but you get so so so much more than that. Lisa’s energy, philosophies, love, light, authenticity and wisdom cannot be confined to the one modality! you get everything Lisa’s got when u are in a room with her, that love frequency stays with u! Highly recommended investment.”  Hayley

“At the end of each workshop I feel like the real me again, without life’s stresses. I let the spiritual me back in. Reiki is so refreshing, and Lisa brings in all her own experiences and makes me wish it went longer. Thank you x”  Sarah

“The difference since doing Reiki 2 is quite interesting and special I can feel the difference in my hands, last night in Sam’s class I could feel the energy beaming out of my hands. this is all very amazing to me right now 🙂 So very happy with life right now.”  Sandy

“Lisa, your classes are outstandingly good. I’ve been energised and enthused after both Reiki I & II. I also understand more of where the energy comes from, how it works, and where it can lead. I am now very much looking forward to going on to master level with you and hope we can start very soon.”  Marilyn

“Lisa provided us with a loving, safe environment to open up and receive the information and attunements in the workshop. I felt supported and nurtured throughout the entire time and have already booked into the Reiki II workshop.” Thank you Lisa!  Jo Muller

“What a fantastic Reiki II workshop on the weekend thanks to Lisa Brandis. Such warmth, compassion and a love for what you do made it such a success and a very special experience for me. The small intimate group setting was perfect for getting to know each other, giving feedback about own experiences since Reiki I, time to work together, and where we all had our own strengths and could bring a slightly different element to the group. I feel blessed to have Lisa as my Reiki master as I continue on my own path of development of sharing healing and love.”  Stacey Sutton

“Just completed the Reiki 2 course over the weekend with Lisa! Course was so much fun and we learnt so much!!”  Christy Rossi


“I have completed my Reiki Master training with Lisa and am so happy and excited to have learned so much invaluable information that will help me in my own journey through this beautiful lifetime but also the tools and ability to share this amazing gift of Reiki to others in my life. “When we look after ourselves excellently everyone around us benefits” this is a quote that comes to mind after working on my own spiritual growth and can now help so many others. Lisa’s passion and excitement for Reiki and healing come through her teaching and is so contagious, the feeling of pure love and joy carries on much after class. Namaste, my eternal appreciation.

Katie Tweddle

” Lisa is the epitome of everything Reiki stands for. She is knowledgeable, caring and lives her life according to the principles of Reiki, and this makes her tuition in the 3 levels of Reiki of the highest quality. Her love for and ability with Reiki are both outstanding.  I originally received Level 1 attunement several years ago from another teacher and it was only after my husband received his Level 1 attunement from Lisa that I realised something was missing in my own. Consequently, I took Level 2 with Lisa and then re-did Level 1 with her. Lisa has now taught me through to Level 3 (Master) and I would recommend her to anyone interested in taking up Reiki. Thanks to Lisa for switching on my “Reiki light” – it can never be extinguished. With love and eternal gratitude.”

Marilyn Krogh

“Thank You, Lisa, for providing such a comprehensive program! Taught with her gorgeous down to earth personality she offered practicality, compassion, amazing spiritual wisdom, guidance, and insight.  Her thorough knowledge of Reiki, intuitive nature and holistic approach, meant Lisa provided everything I was looking for in a Reiki III Program plus more!  Her style of teaching made it really easy for me to absorb the program, I now feel like I’ve completed a full circle! Such a gift for me, to have Lisa facilitate my final Reiki level and I look forward to attending her future workshops and am so pleased I have the opportunity to receive future learning from her. Thank you Lisa – Thank you!”

Sandra Garvey


“Thank you, Lisa, for running the Intuitive Reiki Development Group … you manage to create a wonderful, nurturing environment where for just a couple of hours once a month, like-minded people can come together. In my busy life, it is a luxury to have this time to learn, share and just …. Enjoy! You are an inspiration and from your example, I want to learn and share Reiki … your development group is just another tool you provide that empowers me to be the best I can be! And …. it would be remiss of me not to mention how much FUN (and laughing) you make sure I have…! Any time spent with you and your gorgeous energy is a blessing thank you.”


“I just attended Lisa’s Intuitive Reiki development evening and I feel so good and have so much energy I feel amazing! Lisa is a wonderful teacher and healer and the energy she holds the group in is beautiful! I will be back for more amazing energy healing and sharing, thank you gorgeous Lisa!”


“Lisa, thank you for inviting me this evening. A beautiful way to spend it. I am having such an amazing learning curve at the moment & this evening with all that beautiful energy was a huge part of it. Kerry Xxxxxxx”

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