Learn to Channel with Lisa Brandis

Have you always wanted to channel but you don’t know how?

For those of you that don’t know, I’ve been channeling my guide Anya for over six years and been working with intuition and energy for over 15 years.

But you know I wasn’t always a channel and I had to learn how to channel, to begin with…. but from the moment I did learn it opened up a new world of higher guidance, I raised my vibration and I found that I had access to far greater knowledge and wisdom that I ever imagined possible.

I really want that for you too, so I’ve created this amazing learn how to channel course which I’m really excited to be sharing with you.

If you’re interested in hearing more watch my video….


6 Week Program

Starting Wednesday 14th August 2019 – Wed 18th September 2019.


So what exactly is channeling?

Channeling is a natural form of communication between humans and spirit. Either the high-level guide, the channel, or both, working together in cooperation.

What you’ll Learn:
  • Channel a High-Level Spirit Guide who is a loving being of light whose purpose is to encourage and inspire you
  • You’ll gain more confidence
  • Release any doubts and fears that you may have
  • Learn how to receive clear guidance that you can trust
  • When you learn how to channel, you are raising your own personal vibration, and bringing through powerful healing energy that is uplifting and inspiring
  • Channeling will gift you with a very wise teacher – one that comes from within, rather than seeking answers from outside of yourself
  • Channeling will also assist you in making positive life changes
  • Learn how to increase your ability to assist your clients to release blockages in profound ways
What’s also included:
  • Spiritual guidance by my guide Anya on how to open to channel each week offering different techniques to allow you to expand your consciousness and develop a clear channel for communication with your higher self and high-level spirit guides
  • Spiritual practices to open your channel
  • Participate in a channeling practice session each week where you will give and receive messages from fellow students and be guided by me and my guide Anya on best practice techniques
  • Q&A open floor opportunity with me and other students
  • Instruction and education on increasing your intuitive abilities and spiritual channeling
  • Networking and support from like-minded individuals that share the same passion as you do for energy healing and spiritual growth
  • You’ll be held in a nurturing environment which will help you to cleanse and clear stuck energy
  • A Private Facebook Group facilitated by me for questions outside weekly class where you will gain ongoing support from peers in a safe environment
  • You’ll receive affirmations each week to support you on your journey to channel
  • Guided meditation to relax and open to channel
Who is it for?
  • This course is for beginners and advanced spiritual seekers who want to learn how to channel
  • Healers and lightworkers who want to deepen their connection with their spirit guides
  • People who are interested in developing their own natural intuitive gifts
  • Healers who want to discover their life purpose
  • People who wish to make positive life changes
  • Healers who doubt their abilities and want to gain confidence
  • People who are looking for a tribe of like-minded friends, where they can support each other in a safe environment
“Channeling will gift you with a very wise teacher – one that comes from within, rather than seeking answers from outside of yourself.”

I created this fantastic course which walks you through, step by step, how to channel, incorporating lots of learnings from other channels from around the globe, so rest assured, you can channel too!

Small Group – Limited places available 


“If you’ve ever felt drawn to learning how to channel, but for whatever reason have held yourself back, please do your soul a favour and sign up! Lisa has such a wonderful ability to guide and allow each individual to really learn how to channel in a beautifully safe environment. She holds space for you to discover how it feels, and gives you the confidence to really give it a go. You really have so much to gain from this course and you’ll be so glad that you did. Thank you Lisa❤️” LC

“The guidance given to me during partnership exercises was invaluable in that it prodded me to go deeper within myself. The messages others gave was also enlightening and resonated with me. I also learned that channeling is a natural ability and we can all do it if we so desire.  I really loved doing Lisa’s Learn to Channel course. I learned much more than I expected. The class was fun, the content and structure was great.  I always felt supported by Lisa and well-guided using her methods”. Fay Watkins

“I enjoyed strengthening my connection to my Spirit Guide and developing my confidence in giving and receiving messages” Sarah

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