Advance Spiritual Teaching for Healers

With Lisa Brandis


So now you know how to channel – this course is about taking your channeling to the next level and gaining invaluable practice, under the guidance of Lisa Brandis.

Spend time with heart-centered lightworkers who are dedicated to working with high integrity and further advancing their own skills and knowledge.

You’ll also discover your preferred way to channel, by direct experience in a safe and inspiring environment.

Working on a high vibration, you will be channeling love, big energy, and spiritual wisdom.  Gain more ideas, knowledge, and experience to further develop your own natural gifts.

Discover the joy of channeling powerful wisdom and your own guidance – always for you to gain instant access to.

If you’re ready, we’d love you to join us

Pre-requisite – Completion of at Learn to Channel – Level I


What you’ll experience

  • Increased confidence
  • Clearer thinking
  • Channel powerful, loving and healing energy
  • Change your life and become an inspiration to those seeking your services.
  • Release any doubts that you have
  • Gain positive manifesting abilities
  • Be your own guide
  • Communicate in a powerful way
  • Gain a higher perspective on all aspects of your own life
  • Reduce the mental chatter or monkey mind.
  • Stronger psychic and healing abilities
  • Past life healing and activated healing on all levels
  • Experience deeper feelings of self-love and compassion
  • Experience Rapid spiritual growth


What’s also included:

  • Spiritual guidance by Anya on how to open to channel each week offering different techniques to allow you to expand your consciousness and develop a clearer channel for communication
  • Participate in a channeling practice session each week where you will give and receive messages from fellow students and be guided by Lisa & Anya on best practice techniques
  • Q&A open floor opportunity with Lisa and other students
  • Instruction and education on increasing your intuitive abilities and spiritual channeling
  • Networking and support from like-minded individuals that share the same passion as you do for channeling, energy healing, and spiritual development
  • You’ll be held in a nurturing environment which will help you to cleanse and clear stuck energy
  • A Private Facebook Group facilitated by Lisa for questions outside of the weekly class
  • Ongoing support from peers in a safe environment




Week 1 – Opening to Channel

Review the process of opening to channel.  Lisa will guide you through practical exercises that will help you to prepare to channel, and further explore how to discern messages from your guide while you are in a channeled state.

Week 2 – Being an empath

Discover what it means to be empathic and learn important skills that will allow you to tune in and tune out of other people’s experiences.  Build rapport, understand your clients on an emotional level without taking on their energy.  Plus, you will learn how to discern your own feelings from your clients, an important tool that every lightworker will benefit from harnessing.

Week 3 – Working with the Ascended Masters

This week we focus on calling in the angels and Spiritual Masters who are wanting to work with all channels to raise our personal vibration and bring though healing energy, wisdom, and guidance.

Week 4 – Psychic Mediumship

This week you’ll learn how to channel your clients loved ones, who have made their transition.  Bringing through a client’s loved ones through channeling, which can allow for a powerful exchange between yourself and your client.

Week 5 – Three most common forms of channelling

This week you will explore the three most common forms of channeling and experience them all first hand.

Week 6 – Bringing it all together

This week will be preparing you to channel for others, either one on one or in a group setting.  Discover the possibilities that channeling can bring to your life and how you can use this skill to improve the life of others


Lisa will expertly guide you through each and every exercise, ensuring that you feel safe and confident in every process. 

In class experiences include:
  • Have ample time to practice channeling messages for others
  • Practice remote healing with your healing guide
  • Receive leading edge guidance from the spirit world on best healing practices
  • Support other students as they open to channel
  • Gain more skills and knowledge about the spirit world
  • Further develop your mediumship abilities
  • Become confident in your channeling and healing abilities
  • Connecting to your guides as well as experience new energy to channel
  • Practice channeling a message for others
  • Learn in a relaxed and intimate atmosphere with like-minded people
  • Receive personal feedback from Lisa on your channeling
IRI’s Channeling Support Network – Facebook Community
  • Lisa and her guides will personally answer any questions you have about channeling
  • Unlimited access to our community of lightworkers and healers opening to channel
  • Connect with other like-minded people who are also learning to develop their channeling abilities
  • Access to exclusive guided meditations and videos to enhance your learning experience.
  • Be a part of a growing community of beautiful heart-centered channels
  • Co-create in a fun and safe environment, meet new friends, gain confidence as well as practice channeling for each other!


Intake 1 – 13th February 2019 – 20th March 2019

Intake 2 – 7th August 2019 – 11th September 2019


“Channeling will gift you with a very wise teacher – one that comes from within, rather than seeking answers from outside of yourself.”

I created this fantastic course which walks you through, step by step, how to channel, incorporating lots of learnings from other channels from around the globe, so rest assured, you can channel too!

Small Group – Limited places available – ENQUIRE NOW


Our students have had fun as well as gained much love, energy, and wisdom from their own guidance and from the messages the other students channeled.

Read their comments below: 

“Thank you to everyone for the last 6 weeks – it was a very special group of ladies to spend the time with and a perfect environment to learn to channel.”  Theresa 

 “It was so much fun. Great group of ladies. I got so much from all of you, thank you, everyone.”  Angela 

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