Hypnotherapy Testimonials

Hypnotherapy Testimonials

thank you“If I was able to find one thing, one word, one sentiment that hypnotherapy with Lisa has given me it would be, the ability to be HAPPY!.  I know we all take the notion of being happy for granted and at times we genuinely feel the fleeting moments of real happiness when sharing time with loved ones or achieving success in our lives.  But I am referring to the deep feeling inside of feeling safe, able to trust the world, appreciate life’s journey, feel settled and capable of managing life’s storms.  Ability to feel and receive love and feel genuine gratitude each and every day.

Before I started hypnotherapy my world was filled with fear, doubt, worry, a need to control my emotions and need to know why, an overwhelming desire to find an answer for everything and a heart filled with pain. I knew I was ready to find a new way to be, ready to let go of the past, the fear, to find myself and find my joy. I had walked the path of so many other people who will read this, in terms of past therapies, only to experience relief that was short lived and unable to be sustained. Taking that leap of faith to trust and work on the subconscious mind with Lisa, the two of you together exploring your inner goals, dreams for yourself, willingness for change and to bring joy into your life. My journey has been amazing, my thinking changed in a way that words don’t seem adequate to describe and my heart feels love for life.

Thank you Lisa for taking this journey with me, for holding my hand each step of the way, for helping me find the joy, love and laughter in my world. Lisa your knowledge, support, kindness and care has been amazing, thank you”

Much Love, 

Sindy Clarke, Area Manager

“Hi Lisa,

thank-youJust to let you know that I’ve listened to your Hypnosis recording about half a dozen times.  I mostly seem to sleep through it and not really hear the last half of our session.

BUT  today I’ve had one hell of a day and felt that I really needed to listen to it again.

So I took time out, relaxed and listened again..   Well Wow!!! It was totally amazing…. Thank you, thank you, thank you.   I went from feeling totally overwhelmed, anxious and almost devastated to now having a different outlook on the whole situation & feeling uplifted, calmer.

It is so very positive – I’m going to listen to it again later tonight.   Hopefully I won’t overdose on it.   Lol xxx

Lisa you are truly gifted.  Thank you”

Love and blessing

Julie  Xxxxxx”

“I highly recommend Lisa not only for her devine reiki sessions, and enlightening reiki classes but also for her intuitive hypnotherapy sessions. I recently had an amazing hypno session with Lisa to prepare for the birth of my first baby. Her intuition and ability to speak with her guides meant she knew exactly what I needed to hear and helped her to guide the session exactly where I needed it be. Lisa encourages you to use your own intuition, and is very respectful and nonjudgmental, I found it comforting when discussing my birth options to be able to speak my truth without feeling any judgment.

Before I saw Lisa I was feeling defeated and very over being pregnant.

I left Lisa feeling reconnected to my beautiful baby, refreshed, uplifted and looking forward to enjoying the last few weeks of my pregnancy rather than just enduring it.
I also had the best sleep I have had in weeks.

I cannot recommend Lisas hypnotherapy enough
Thank you so much for your kind words and guidance Lisa”

Lauren McDougall


“Great work really made an impact feel so much better after the first session can’t wait for the next one  Sam Borromei

“Just had my second hypnotherapy session and my first reiki session. Lisa really knows her stuffand has helped more than you would think someone can. Thanks lisa. Look forward to the next session”  Sam Borromei

“Anyone who is thinking of seeing Lisa should absolutely go ahead with it. Be prepared to be inspired, uplifted, encouraged, healed and so much more. From the reiki course to the groups and the personal sessions, as well as her beautiful hypnotic meditations. She is truly qualified and you will be doing yourself more than a service”  Sammy Wilkerson.

“Lisa is so warm,personable & truly genuine. She cares about her work and deeply cares about people which puts you at so much ease – she was a pleasure for me to work with!”  Hayley Cattini

“I have had several Reiki sessions with Lisa over the past few years. The reason why I keep going back to her is because she has a remarkable ability to be able to assess and pinpoint what may be the reasons that are blocking you from experiencing physica and emotional well-being.  During my last session, we decided that hypnosis would be of better use for my situation.  Her innate skill is simply enhanced in Hypnosis!  I felt she was able to help me undo limiting beliefs and patterns beyond my conscious control. I highly recommend Lisa’s sessions. She is compassionate and down to earth and always has her client’s best interests in mind.” Tanu Malaviya, Bowen Therapist.

“I have just spent an amazing morning with the most beautiful soul.  Thank you so very much Lisa for your guidance and understanding.  I felt so comfortable and relaxed in your presence, I was able to be me with no fear of judgement or airs and graces, just me”.  With love & kindness, Donna Rowe

Colleague References:

I have known Lisa Brandis, friend and colleague, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Registered HypnoBirthing Practitioner and Reiki Master/Teacher since 2011.

I feel honoured to have worked alongside Lisa with such passion as healthcare professionals for 2 years. Lisa has taught and facilitated Reiki I and II, educated herself in hypnobirthing and conducted many classes, many of which I have had the privilege of attending, whilst graduating myself as a Reiki Practitioner.

Lisa is inspiring as she dedicates herself to both family and her business with such passion. Her enthusiasm to inspire others has been amazing to witness over the years and her guidance and professionalism is one to admire as she has an extremely large following of clients and associates.

I trust Lisa entirely due to her natural abilities and qualifications but most importantly because she is caring, honest and her intent to facilitate wellness is so pure, and from the heart. I have no hesitation in recommending my clients see Lisa for the benefit of healing holistically.

I am truly honoured to have been part of Lisa’s journey thus far and even more excited to see where her successes continue to lead her. She is vibrant, loving, committed and forever learning, always improving herself and her knowledge, whilst encouraging and inspiring others to do the same.  It is with great respect and pleasure that I support Lisa in her endeavours to continue to improve and grow.

I will not be far from her side.

Yours sincerely,

Lea Murphy, Naturopath, April 14, 2015

I confirm I have known Lisa Brandis for more than 12 months. We met at Clinical Hypnotherapy training at Castor and Pollux and during this time I found Lisa to be a caring person and more then keen student.  She was always willing to participate in all our activities and showed compassion and integrity in all my dealings with her.  At all times she acted in a professional manner and was honest, helpful and friendly.

Furthermore I visited her in her work as Reiki master and observed how emphatic and skilled she worked with clients.

I support Lisa’s application for membership to the AHA.

Kind regards,

Christopher Sneijders, Castor and Pollux Australia PTY LTD


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