Do you pay attention to your dreams?

What messages or guidance have your dreams been giving you lately? I had a dream that I was having surgery on both my feet and in the dream I received an important message about my daughter. I often look to my dreams as a gateway to my intuition and gain…

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Crystal Healing & Powerful Reiki a supercharged combination

I suggest that you start by choosing 10 crystals to start with then you can easily get to know the basic properties and benefits that working with them will give your clients. I like to get my clients to use their intuition to choose the crystal that they are most drawn to on that day. Click through to read more

I have used crystals in combination with my Intuitive Reiki Sessions at different times over the years, and had great results!  When I’m working with crystals I like to have a selection for my clients to choose from.   Choosing crystals I suggest that you start by choosing 10 crystals to start…

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Share your Attunement Story

Would you like to share your attunement story, inspire others and possibly have your story published on our website? If so, keep reading…. Can you recall that moment you were first attuned to Reiki?  For many, it offered profound healing and deep insight.  If this was you, we want to…

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