Appointments with Lisa Brandis

Appointments with Lisa Brandis

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Lisa Brandis offers a soul-level perspective, a session can help you direct your energy and intention towards positive outcomes, and give you the courage to take quantum leaps toward deciding upon and manifesting your goals.  

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, registered with the Australian Hypnotherapy Association (AHA) Lisa incorporates hypnotherapy techniques to assist you to make permanent positive changes in your life. Lisa is trained in the following modalities, and incorporates a variety of her skills to assist you to discover your hearts purpose, move through obstacles in a safe and supportive environment with skills and techniques that have stood the test of time.

Lisa is highly trained in the following modalities and you can feel assured that intuitively she will know how best to work with you for the best results.


Intuitive Reiki Master/Director |Intuitive Master Channel  | Clinical Hypnotherapist |  NLP  |  Quantum Consciousness Practitioner |  Psychic Medium

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Sessions with Lisa can help you to:

  • Understand your life’s circumstances from a spiritual perspective.
  • Make positive decisions for success and well-being.
  • Reconnect with your passions and gifts.
  • Harmonise your relationship with yourself and others.
  • Attract beneficial people and circumstances to your life.
  • Enhance your connection with your own intuition.
  • Create more balance in your life.
  • Connect to your own inner wisdom and guidance.
  • Live your life with passion and direction.

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Tenille Bentley shares her experiences with Lisa Brandis and learning Reiki.

Tenille Bentley talks about working with Lisa Brandis

Thank you for an incredible session yesterday Lisa – you and Reiki have changed my life! Jamina 

There are no words as to how much you and Reiki helped me and  I will carry this knowledge in my heart, soul and life for all eternity.   I have been blessed to have ‘found’ Lisa Brandis and Intuitive Reiki for both have brought huge change and growth within me.  For this, I am truly grateful. Deb xxx

“It’s a week since I saw you and so many things that you said to me are still buzzing around my head.  I am feeling so positive, energised and all together fantastic.  Thank you, thank you and again, thank you.” Christine Swart.

“I’ve been feeling so much grace and bliss since I left our session today, it was so special  thank you beautiful Lisa”.  Valeria 


“I have had several Reiki sessions with Lisa over the past few years. The reason why I keep going back to her is because she has a remarkable ability to be able to assess and pinpoint what may be the reasons that are blocking you from experiencing physica and emotional well-being.  During my last session, we decided that hypnosis would be of better use for my situation.  Her innate skill is simply enhanced in Hypnosis!  I felt she was able to help me undo limiting beliefs and patterns beyond my conscious control. I highly recommend Lisa’s sessions. She is compassionate and down to earth and always has her client’s best interests in mind.”  Tanu Malaviya.

“Hey Lisa I just wanted to thank you for today’s session. I can’t even begin to explain how great I feel after it, I just feel totally regenerated and I feel like I am back in balance. You have a beautiful soul and a very special gift, you are amazing. I am looking forward to seeing you in October.  Oh and Lisa my darling you are more than good enough!!!!! You are brilliant”.  Love Lottie 😘😘❤❤

“I have just spent an amazing morning with the most beautiful soul.  Thank you so very much Lisa for your guidance and understanding.  I felt so comfortable and relaxed in your presence, I was able to be me with no fear of judgement or airs and graces, just me”.   With love & kindness, Donna Rowe.

“I have just had the most amazing and enlightening Reiki session with the very gifted Lisa Brandis from Reiki Workshops WA.  Thank you so much Lisa you hit the nail on the head and gave me what I needed to go forwards, make changes and build a better life. Thank you thank you thank you” Sam Palmer.

Psychic Mediumship: “I would like to say a very big thank you to Lisa for an amazing meditation class today.  The meditation took me to another level of peace and serenity like I have never felt before.  It was totally amazing.  Not only that… before we actually got into the meditation my son that I lost 8 years ago came through to her like he never has before.  It was breathtaking with what came through from my son and I will always be grateful that he trusted Lisa enough to let me know he was still with me.  The love, support and guidance I received from Lisa was absolutely beautiful.  Thank you so much again Lisa.  Love, Peace and Hapiness Forever”.  Jill

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